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  • 05.44pm: Astra TwinTop (06 10) Sxi *ENGINE PART (write part in notes) 1.6. For year 2006 id=1595739 Air box filter and pipes .
  • 07.50pm: Astra Hatchback (98 05) sxi *ENGINE PART (write part in notes) 1.8. For year 2000 id=1594760 Oil sump .
  • 06.03pm: Astra Hatchback (04 10) ROCKER COVER 1.6. For year 2005 id=1594755 .

  • What Vistors Requested

  • 11.58am: Astra TwinTop (06 10) Engine 2007 id=1596032
  • 01.01pm: Astra Hatchback (98 05) Engine 1.6 2003 id=1595955
  • 07.48pm: sxi Astra Hatchback (98 05) Engine 2003 id=1595913
  • 07.48pm: sxi Astra Hatchback (98 05) Engine 2003 id=1595914
  • List Requested Years Derivatives Engine Size

    2007. 1.6 2003.sxi 2003.sxi 2003.Sxi 1.6 2006. 1.6L 1999. 1.6L 1999.SXI 1.6L 16V 2001.Sxi 1.6 2004.tdi 1.9L 2007.
    Engine Complete Diesel, Mounts and Cylinder Heads
    Astra Petrol Engine Astra Diesel Engine Astra Cylinder Head Astra Engine Mount

    Crankshafts, Pulleys, Belt Tensioners, Fly Wheels and Idlers
    Astra Crankshaft Pulley Astra Camshaft Astra Belt Tensioner Pulley Astra Belt Idler Pulley
    Astra Crankshaft Astra Fly Wheel

    Timing Covers, Sumps, Throttle Body, Rocker Cover and Air Filter Box
    Astra Throttle Body Astra Timing Cover Astra SUMP Astra Rocker Cover
    Astra Air Filter Box

    Engine Management ECU, Idle Control and Overrun Valves: Injectors. Air Metering Units, Knock and Camshaft Sensors
    Astra Injectors Astra ECU Astra ECU (ENGINE MANAGMENT) Astra Air Metering Unit
    Astra Anti Knock Sensor Astra Camshaft Sensor Astra Idle Control Valve Astra Overrun Valve

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