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Having good business relationships with leading Japanese, German, US & British car parts dismantlers means we can often source the "Vauxhall Astra Fuel Pump" you need when local yards and retailers cannot. It really could hardly be easier, with one form a network of breakeryards will know you require a Fuel Pump compatible with your Vauxhall Astra and will quote competitive prices via email and your personal screen.

Up to 80% savings for the Vauxhall Astra Fuel Pump and more from breaker yards and motor spares suppliers .

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  • 06.14pm: dti MECHANICAL FUEL PUMP 1700. For year 2004 .
  • 03.47pm: dti FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1700 diesel. For year 2001 .
  • 09.25am: MECHANICAL FUEL PUMP 1.4. For year 1999 .
  • 11.01pm: 8 valve td ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP 1.7cc. For year 1999 .
  • 02.55pm: ls ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP 1400. For year 2001 .
  • 09.43pm: cdti MECHANICAL FUEL PUMP 1.7. For year 2004 high pressure fuel pump.
  • 04.20pm: design MECHANICAL FUEL PUMP 1900. For year 2006 .

  • Typical Requests Placed By CarSpareFinder Visitors

  • 01.37pm: tdi sri MECHANICAL FUEL PUMP 2000. For year 1988 .
  • 05.21pm: Cdti ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP 1789. For year 2007 .
  • 01.55pm: FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1.7. For year 2005 .
  • 09.19am: CSE FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1.6. For year 2000 .
  • 06.47pm: SXI FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1600. For year 2008 .
  • 06.23pm: Club FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1600. For year .
  • 10.38pm: 8v FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1600. For year 1998 .
  • 10.02pm: Tdi FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1700. For year 2002 .
  • 03.05pm: ls FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1389. For year 1996 .
  • 08.02pm: TDI FUEL PUMP (MECHANICAL) 1700. For year 2003 .
  • 11.39am: swing FUEL PUMP (IN TANK) 1.4. For year 1994 .

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